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Category: Interior
Available in 3 colors Available in Black, Tan or Grey.
Category: Interior
Contains a coffee spill Even coffee is no match for our custom fit FloorLinerâ„¢.
Category: Interior
FloorLiner handles an ice cream spill FloorLinerâ„¢ protects resale too!
Category: Interior

FloorLiner raised lip

A raised lip around the FloorLiner™ protects up the side walls and contains spills.

Category: Interior

FloorLiner sculpted channels

Deep, sculpted channels and reservoir keep fluids and debris in the liner and off your carpets!

Category: Interior

FloorLiner shown in 2010 Ford F350

1st Row Over the Hump FloorLiner™ (exclusive applications) protects a growing range of vehicles and offers our very best 1st row protection.

Category: Interior

FloorLiner shown in a BMW X5

Rear Over the Hump FloorLiner™ (where applicable) accurately and completely protects your passengers foot well area.

Category: Interior

FloorLiner shown in a Chevy Suburban

Our DigitalFit® measurements allow our FloorLiner™ to cover more area.

Category: Interior
FloorLiner shown in a Honda Civic
Category: Interior
FloorLiner shown in a Toyota Camry
Category: Interior

FloorLiner shown in a Toyota Prius

Digital laser measurements of interior surfaces offer a consistently perfect fit.

Category: Interior
FloorLiner textured finish Textured finish for a tactile feel and easy clean up.
Category: Interior
ISO Certified Our commitment to Quality shows in our recent certification to the ISO/TS 16949 Quality Standard prepared by the International Automotive Task Force (IATF) and the Technical Committee of the ISO. For more information, visit
Category: Interior

MacNeil Automotive Guarantee

WeatherTech products are guaranteed against faulty materials and workmanship. Please see specific guarantee information for each product in our FAQ section or on their respective product page.

Category: Interior

Heavy Duty Floor Mats

Husky Liners Heavy Duty Floor Mats provide year round carpet protection and are available for virtually all of today's top selling vehicles.
The Heavy Duty Floor Mats are vehicle specific and have features you will not find on ordinary run-of-the-mill universal (flat) floor mats. An extra thick driver's heel pad provides years of life while the high perimeter ridges contain spills and debris. raised ridges keep your feet out of water, mud, and dirt. Our material is guaranteed not to crack or break even in the most extreme conditions.
Heavy Duty Mats are easily cleaned and feature our Sta-Put Nibs on the reverse side to help keep the mat in place. They are available in black, grey and tan for front, second/third seat and center hump areas.
Designed and Manufactured in the USA and come with a Lifetime Guarantee against cracking.

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