Service Bodies and Beds

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Crane Bodies from Knapheide are versatile enough to work in almost any industry. From one application to the next, the Knapheide Crane Body continues to exceed the expectations of our customers.

Knapheide's Crane Body line is versatile enough to withstand everything from light to heavy duty working environments. Our 30,000 ft.-lb., 38,000 ft.-lb. and 60,000 ft.-lb. Crane Bodies are designed to provide enough storage while boasting the capacity to lift your maximum sized loads. Whatever your application may be, municipal, construction, heavy equipment maintenance, Knapheide has the right Crane Body for you.


Your Most Important Maintenance Tool

The KFLT1 can make your preventative maintenance jobs a breeze.

Knapheide's KFLT1 features a modular design in order to offer flexibility to fit specific needs of a wide array of applications. With a 1,000 diesel fuel tank and numerous product tanks, the KFLT1 has ample storage for your fuel and lube needs. The KFLT1 utilizes Knapheide's tank isolator system which greatly reduces flexing, twisting, and vibration on the chassis frame. Knapheide's KFLT1 is constructed of rugged galvanneal steel to withstand tough jobsite conditions. If your job requires a proven Fuel Lube Truck, check out Knapheide's KFLT1.


Standard Features Include:
ØPOWDER COATED BLACK for a good shine and an easy-to-wash surface.
4 Box Utility

Ø4" Flip-Down Sides on Greasable Hinges
ØSealed Beam Lights
Ø30,000 lb. Capacity Recessed Gooseneck Ball
ØReceiver Type Bumper Hitch with D-rings
ØHeadache Rack with Lights
ØWiring Harness
ØMud Flaps
ØLighted License Plate Mount
Ø7-Pin Truck Plug
Ø4 Bolt-In Lockable Steel Tool Boxes

The NEW Contractor bed is loaded with standard features like illuminated toolboxes, ramps, and LED lights!! Aluminum doors and lids make you stand out in a crowd!!

Capacity: 38,000 ft lb (5.3 tM)
Storage Space: 60" Standard:
99.14 cu/ft (2.81 cu/m) for 46" Tall
104.29 cu/ ft (2.95 cu/m) for 58" Tall
84" Standard:
121.8 cu/ft (3.45 cu/m)
84" Tall -- 127.2 cu/ft (3.60 cu/m)
Applicable Service Cranes: 2003, 3203H, 3203EH, 4004EH, 5005EH, 5005H, 6006EH, 6406H
Cargo Floor: 50" (1.27 m)
Features / Benefits
Heavy-duty performance and extended service life:


Flat Deck and Landscape Aluminum Dump Truck Bodies

The Alum-Line Flat Deck and Landscape Aluminum Dump Truck Bodies bring you the strength and low maintenance you have come to expect from Alum-Line. Flat Deck and Landscape Aluminum Dump Truck Bodies use a combination of extruded flooring and heavy duty mainframe to help meet your everyday needs. Workmanship lasting a lifetime is what Alum-Line all aluminum dump truck bodies are all about. You can’t go wrong with Alum-Line’s aluminum truck bodies.

Looking professional on the road, at the show, and on the job site is important. It is also important to have aluminum truck bodies that will take the demands of hard work lasting years and years. Although we offer a long list of standard features for the Flat Deck and Landscape Aluminum Dump Truck Bodies, our ability to customize is unmatched.