Proportional based controls offer a smooth braking response to almost any stop. Through the use of a sensing device, the brake control can determine the tow vehicle's rate of deceleration and then apply the trailer brakes to match. In other words, Proportional controls deliver power to the trailer brakes in direct relationship to the actual physical deceleration of the tow vehicle.

Utilize for rental businesses, fleet ownerships or multiple tow vehicles. Requires no leveling.

Remote Hand Held Unit

No under dash wiring necessary – utilizes wireless communication
The original “Boost” feature allows for different levels of customized braking
System runs continual diagnostics and displays fault codes in hand held unit’s display
Plugs into standard 12-volt power accessory adapter
5 year limited warranty

Trailer Mount (Power Module) Unit

Utilizes standard sealed 8’ blade style 7-way connector
Multiple mounting positions on tongue or front of trailer
15 year limited warranty on power module
1 year limited warranty on cord

If you take to the road with multiple vehicles, there's really only one solution: PRODIGY® RF. Consider all it offers:

User does not need a dash mounted, hard wired brake control
True proportional trailer braking, forward or reverse
No level adjustment necessary
Trailer braking power supplied via 7-Way Connector from the vehicle
Suitable for use on any trailer with up to 3 braking axles

In the Tow Vehicle (Hand Held unit):

Wireless communication between the remote hand unit and trailer mounted power module eliminates the need for under dash wiring
Easy to see LED display for trailer brake voltage, power output and diagnostics
Easy to use remote hand control; includes the Prodigy® "Boost" system to allow for different levels of customized braking
Unit provides continual diagnostic scanning with a visual warning display
Hand held unit plugs into any standard 12 volt power accessory adaptor
Hand held unit has a 5-year limited warranty

On the Trailer (Power Module Unit):

Power module uses standard RV Blade style (Bargman) 7-Way truck and trailer connectors
Trailer Power Module is watertight and is powered through 7-way cable from the tow vehicle.
Multiple mounting options on the tongue or front of the trailer
Trailer mounted power module has a 15-year limited warranty (1-year limited warranty on cord)

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